Mulch & Pine Straw

Mulch & Pine Straw installment help preserve soil moisture, prevents weed growth, reduces erosion, and of course is a great option to beautify the landscape.  The best time to apply mulch is usually mid-to late spring, just when the soil is warming up from the cold winter temperatures.  Fall mulching is also recommended to protect plants from moisture loss, and changes in temperatures.

Flower Beds 

Flowers and shrubs offer a bright and colorful look to your yard.  We install plants of many different sizes and varieties, we will do a walk-through of your property and come up with a plan to install the best option of plants according to your likes, and also taking into account factors such as amount of space, soil, and sunlight exposure.

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Sod Installation

Sod installation is a great and quick option to have your lawn looking its best in no time.  It is great for new construction or a newly dug garden area, where quick coverage is required.  Because sod is made from rolls of mature grass, it can be laid anytime of year.

Dry Creek Beds

Stream Beds – If you have water running through your property when it rains, why not let Greener Concepts turn it into a dry stream bed? A few stones and a little excavation can control runoff on your property, channel water away from the house and add an element of natural beauty to your landscape.

Dry Creek Bed
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